Kim Radons is the Founder and Creative Director of the Accept Me movement. This grass roots enterprise is committed to donating partial proceeds to esteem-focused, not-for-profit organizations, that strive to improve the lives of at risk youth. 

Kim embraces the ideology that through compassion-based action, change will occur.

For the past two decades, Kim has been actively involved in her community. She has logged countless hours of volunteering with local organizations and schools, and has raised funds to facilitate change in the way of scholarships and community enrichment.


Our Beneficiaries 

Bullying Ends Here

Bullying Ends Here was created by Tad Milmine after reading the devastating news that a 15yr old youth (Jamie Hubley) had taken his own life after years of bullying.  Tad shares his own story, along with Jamie’s, in hopes that by listening to these stories, that the audience will choose positive change moving forward.  This award winning charity has been presented more than 700 times across the Country and been recognized for saving over 32 lives.  Bullying Ends Here will not only change lives, but save them!

Learn more about Bullying Ends Here at  http://www.bullyingendshere.ca