ACCEPT ME™ is a philanthropic fashion brand that supports breaking the barriers of social marginalization through awareness and education. Every time you purchase a product from Accept Me, you are saying Yes. Yes to Acceptance. Your support of our branded merchandise enables us to provide funds to select charities that share our goal, empowering positive growth in the lives of at risk youth. Together we can share this simple yet powerful message. It's a movement, a small adjustment, and it starts with you. Visit our Friends page to learn more about the charities we love.

Accept Me embraces the ideology that through compassion-based action, change will occur.

Be brave, wear your statement.




Kim Radons is the Founder and Creative Director of Accept Me™, a philanthropic clothing line that aims to break down social barriers and shift mindsets one t-shirt at a time. 

A humanitarian with an eye for design, Kim creates beautiful clothing and accessories to support important social causes. Since founding Accept Me in 2014, Kim's commitment to fostering positive growth in the lives of at risk youth has driven the brand's development. Kim's passion for helping others has grown the fashion label into an international name, with the designs hand selected for the coveted 2016 Grammy® Gift Bags.

An advocate for those less fortunate, Kim has been actively involved with The Boys Club Network for over three years, and more recently supported Bullying Ends Here. In 2016 Kim had the honour of presenting her acceptance fashions to Syrian Refugees entering Vancouver.

Kim loves climbing big mountains - both literally and figuratively. She's climbed Machu Picchu and kissed the ground of base camp Everest. With Mt. Kilimanjaro on the horizon, she doesn't back down from a challenge. Kim's ongoing commitment to humanitarian work abroad has enabled her to see the beauty in people everywhere, regardless of who they are or what they believe.